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What We Do

Heavin College & Career Services provides an array of programs that help students and parents prepare for life after high school. Our educational workshops are designed to be creative, interactive and personal so each student is able to benefit from the materials. Whether a student plans to attend college or go straight into the workforce, career credentials are needed. Our workshops allow students to explore, become informed and engaged. We teach students to believe in themselves and to have the knowledge and skills to meet their educational and career goals.

Through our innovative programs, we service a variety of audiences. Whether a parent is evaluating how to pay for college, or if a student is navigating the college admissions process or if a teacher is seeking a comprehensive strategy to meet state standards, Heavin College & Career Services is here to help.

Our clients are philanthropic foundations, school systems and businesses. We consider the students and families served by these organizations our extended clients. Therefore, we do not take individual clients for a fee. We have never taken money directly from families. We work with these community partners to meet their goals to inform and empower students and families on how to obtain their educational and career goals. Their financial support allows families to receive our services they otherwise would not be able to afford or receive elsewhere.

We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business, unlike some of our competitors who are owned by private student loan companies.

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Our Services

Admissions Committee Mock Case Studies

(Middle School — Freshman; Parents)

Students are broken down into small admissions committees of 4-6 students. They review synthetic college admissions files and are only allowed to admit half of the candidates. The students see good and bad course selections, essays, grade trends, and teacher reference letters. Basically, they get to experience the role of a collegiate admissions officer by evaluating high school records and college admission applications 3-4 years before they will be applying themselves.

College Bus Trips

(Freshman — Juniors; Parents)

These trips are helpful for any student in sorting out his or her college selection criteria/priorities, but it often is especially eye-opening for low-income, potentially first-generation college students, some of whom see themselves as college students for the very first time.

College Selection

(Juniors & Seniors; Parents)

These activities give students and parents tips on how to go about the college selection process, from setting priorities to some of the key questions to ask any college. A handout outlines the process and many of our key tips.

Colors of Cooperation

(Middle School & High School)

A personality assessment is completed to yield a description of a student’s character traits. The assessment is not meant to type cast a student but to better understand others. The results are immediate. The workshop assists students to recognize how to cooperate with others, appreciate other personality types and realize their full potential.

Essay Writing

(Late 2nd Semester Juniors or Early 1st Semester Seniors)

The program begins with a session on writing a persuasive essay. In other words, how do you effectively get yourself out on a piece of paper? Actual college admissions and scholarship essays are shared as examples. In addition to this session, an essay topic can be assigned, perhaps based on a local scholarship or college (e.g., Common Application) essay question so that it has immediate value. A critique of the first draft of the essay will be shared with each student.

FAFSA Filing Days

(Seniors; Parents)

HCCR staff members take the lead with local volunteers to help students and parents file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is most helpful to families intimidated by the process, but perhaps most important, HCCR staff can immediately interpret the results. Families know instantly which colleges are apt to work best financially…and which ones will not work!

Interview Preparation/Mock Interviews


Good and bad interviews are demonstrated, and then students are engaged in thinking through the issues they need to consider in approaching an interview situation. A handout summarizes key interview preparation tips. Personal mock interviews can also be arranged.

Workplace of Tomorrow

(Middle School & High School)

An online career interest survey is completed by each student. The survey is highly personal and engaging. Results are immediate. A discussion occurs about the world labor force which they must compete; and some of the technological advancements and other changes coming in their lifetimes. Emphasis on traditional and non-traditional education is stressed, as well as individual behavior and goal setting.

Governor's Work Ethic Certificate (WEC)

In December 2016, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development launched the Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate program. The program was designed to address the employability skills gap in Indiana high school students. The WEC programs are collaborative among employers and local school districts. The programs encourage students to meet the benchmarks that will assist them in their college and/or career goals. To quality for the certificate, students must meet a rigorous attendance requirement and academic & discipline standards. Heavin College & Career Readiness Services is pleased to work with several school districts to enhance their Work Ethic Certificate programs.

Senior Seminar

– Could be for all seniors or just WEC seniors
– Format would be a brief opening followed by student-chosen rotations
– Would use community partners to present rotations
– Examples of rotational topics include: College Applications, Job Applications, Scholarship Opportunities, Interviewing Skills, Personal Finance, Union Careers, Housing, Next Level Job Opportunities, Work One, etc.


– Lesson taught during English or Government/Economics class periods
– A template is used but students can create their own document
– Resumes will be reviewed with students individually, if school is participating in Mock Interview Program.

Mock Interviews

– Students meet with a career professional for a 10-minute mock interview
– Interviewers will be given resumes about a week before the interviews
– Interviewers will be asked to complete an evaluation for each student

Company Tours

– Students visit a local company for a tour and to meet with HR staff

About Us

Karen Nelson Heavin is a graduate of Franklin College.  After following her husband to neighboring states while he met his educational goals, Karen worked in the areas of corporate training, human resources and finance management for nearly a decade. By the time they returned home to Indiana, their family had doubled in size and Karen began teaching College & Career Development at Area 30 Career Center before becoming a consultant with Murray & Associates at the National Center for College Costs.  In 2019, as Dave Murray retired, Karen created Heavin College & Career Readiness Services and acquired Murray & Associates.  

Karen is a Putnam County Community Foundation Honorary Board Member after serving the Foundation for six years as chair of the Lilly Scholar Selection Committee.  She is the former President of the Indiana FFA Foundation.  Karen’s current volunteer work includes Dollars for Scholars in Putnam County, Greencastle/Putnam County Economic Development Center Education Committee, Putnam County Area College Fair, Putnam County Extension Board and Putnam County High School Job Fair.   Karen also serves as the Warren Township Trustee of Putnam County.  She lives on a small cattle farm in Greencastle, IN with her husband Anthony and two sons.

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